13 Reasons Why Hindi Dubbing Artist | Netflix Series: 13 Reasons Why is a popular American drama series. The series based on the novel 13 Reasons Why written by Joy Asher. The series has 4 seasons with 49 episodes. Each episode length duration approx one hour. The teen drama series revolves around  Clay Jensen and a high school student Hannah Baker suicide who was a high school student.

13 Reasons Why Hindi Dubbing Artist | Netflix Series


The series explores various social issues that are affecting the young generation. Like big problems include Suicide,  drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual assault, and many other big issues it explores. The first season of the series released on Netflix on March 31, 2017. After getting a good response makers wants to develop the series. The second season of the series released on May 18, 2018. Now the 4 seasons of this series available in the Hindi language also. Let’s check about the Hindi dubbing artist of this series.

13 Reasons Why Hindi Dubbing Artist | Netflix Series

Clay Jensen-Rajesh Kava:

Clay Jensen is a teenage boy character in this series acted by Dylan Minnette. The Hindi voice behind Clay Jensen’s character is the voice-over artist Rajesh Cava. He voiced variously animated series like Chhota Bheem, Arjun – Prince of Bali. On Chhota Bheem he gives voice to the character Jaggu Bandar. The artist is famous for voiced on  Daniel Radcliffe’s role as Harry Potter.

Hannah Baker-Sumriddhi Shukla:-

 Hannah Baker was a teenage girl who died of suicide. The character acted by Katherine Langford. Voice artist Sumriddhi Shukla gave Hindi voices to this character. She dubbed for animated character Doraemon a few episodes.

Justin Foley-Feroz Khan: Justin Foley is a student at liberty high and is in a relationship with Jessica. The character acted by Brandon Flynn. Voice over artist Feroz Khan gave Hindi voice to this character.

Tony Padilla-Anshul Saxena: Tony is the best friend of Clay Jensen at Liberty High. The character acted by Christian Navarro. The Hindi voice behind Tony is the voice artist Anshul Saxena. Tony is tried to help Clay to overcome Hannah’s death.

Jessica Davis-Muskkaan Jaferi: Jessica is a student of liberty high. Alisha Boe acted to this character. Voice over artist Muskkaan Jaferi gave the Hindi voice to this character. Muskkaan is giving voices to various productions for a long time. She gave voices to Nancy’s character on Stranger Things


Alex Standall-Vaibhab Thakkar: Alex is a student of liberty high. Alex Standall’s character acted by Miles Heizer. Voice artist Vaibhab Thakkar gave Hindi voice to this character. Thakkar gave Hindi voices to various animated series and films. He voiced on Chhota Bheem’s animated series.

Zach Dempsey- Faheem Amin: Zach is a good friend of Justin at liberty high. Ross Butler acted on this character. Faheem Amin gave Hindi voice to this character.




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